What DOES Mama want?! If your Mother’s Day campaigns aren’t quite ready, fear not. We pulled together stats you need and rounded up our Top 5 Takeaways below. Download our Infographic even MORE info.

1. Kids Are Ready to Spend

Mother’s Day Spend in 2018 was an estimated $23.1 billion, according to NRF. That’s a lot of Mother’s Day gifts! 86% of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day and each spend $180 (NRF). Ready for more good news? 31% of consumers plan to shop online (GeoMarketing)! So give them those ideas! But don’t forget offers to entice them. Gift-giving holidays are the time to offer bonuses to your consumers, like free shipping or discounts. In fact, 75% of consumers expect free shipping even on orders under $50 (NRF report). They’re ready to spend, so don’t send them elsewhere.

2. Flowers and Jewelry Are Still the Most Popular Gifts

It’s tough to beat the classic. But clothing, accessories, and gift cards are also top contenders! If your retail client offers a product or service outside the box, educate them on why their mom would love their gift! Now is the chance for blog posts, articles, and any sort of valuable content and advice on gift ideas. Use Native Ads to get them placed on the right sites and in front of relevant readers.

3. Millennial Moms Love Subscriptions

It’s true! 40% of millennial parents already use a product subscription service and ⅓ are very interested in trying one (NRF)! Consider offering a sign up or a subscription to your product – or an article on top subscription services!

4. Content Matters

Consumers are much more likely to buy from a brand they trust or have built a relationship with – especially when it comes to gifts for someone they care about! Content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy (Twitter via Nudge); content can help double website conversion rates from 6% to 12% (Shopify) and marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to generate a positive ROI (Shopify).

5. Top KPIs for Retail Advertisers

According to our 2H 2018 Native Report: 1. Drive Sales, 2. Drive Traffic to Blog Content, and 3. Offer-Driven Creative. If you’re working with a platform like Bidtellect, we can optimize towards these goals for you, ensuring that your Mother’s Day campaigns are bringing consumers to high-quality content and – most importantly – helping your bottom line. That’s a Mother’s Day gift we can all get behind!


It’s time to get gifting! Download our Mother’s Day Infographic for a flawless Mother’s Day content distribution strategy:

Download Infographic