How a Leading Pet Charity Used Native to Drive Awareness and Qualified Traffic During Pet Adoption Week

The Objective

The client, a leading pet charity, required a solution to generate quality traffic towards their digital content surrounding pet adoption week. Their primary KPI was a .3% CTR by targeting women ages 25-64 who are existing retail consumers. The overall goal was to drive these consumers to the landing page to create interest and seek information on pet adoption.

The Solution

By leveraging Bidtellect’s Native platform, the client was able to reformat and communicate their existing social content to in-market pet adopters on our premium publisher sites. The campaign included In-Ad, In-Feed and Recommendation Widget Native products and distributed the brand’s messaging to inform, educate and inspire consumers to take action on their site. The main action touch-points for the campaign were Find a Store and Adopt a Pet.

The Results


Bidtellect exceeded the client’s goal by .22% CTR.


The campaign over-delivered on Media Spend an extra $4,400 – Scaling this campaign was no issue!



The campaign drove over 550 conversions in a short window of time.


The top 3 performing creatives had over a .55% CTR – the highest performer was .74%


Bidtellect was able to optimize to balance hitting clients CTR goals while driving down the eCPA.