Top US Automotive Marketplace Success Metrics: Cost Per Visit and Cost Per Lead

The Objective

This client required a solution to generate awareness and drive traffic to their site. Their primary KPI was to reach in-market auto consumers and drive leads from their site.

The Solution

Bidtellect’s Dynamic Planning (Pricing suggestions/recommendations) and full-service creative studio were the key reasons why Bidtellect was able to stand out compared to the numerous partners on the plan. The flexibility in rate structure allowed Bidtellect’s ad operation team to back into the brand’s competitive goal and be one of their core partners. We were able to to offer the client creative refreshes throughout the long flight and deliver performance increases day-over-day.

The Results


Exceeded Expectations

Bidtellect’s solution exceeded the client’s campaign goals. We executed a successful campaign and further established a strong partnership for the months to come.

We absolutely love working with the Bidtellect Team! They make our job easy by coming to us with optimization recommendations and campaign trends.

Agency Rep