How Bidtellect’s Native Solution Decreased Bounce Rates and Increased Time on Site for a Major Tourism Company

The Objective

When a major Tourism company wanted to decrease bounce-rate and encourage users to spend more time on their website, they turned to Bidtellect for a one stop Native Solution. The tourism company invested heavily in content creation and it was crucial that their users were reading the valuable content and researching all that the major US city had to offer.

The Solution

Bidtellect initially launched all products (In-Feed, In-Ad and Recommendation Widgets) across all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet). The campaign was targeted to several larger US cities: Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Bidtellect drilled down to certain channel such as travel, arts and entertainment and news. The client placed Bidtellect’s Engagement Code to further optimize towards time on site and bounce rate. Early on in the campaign it was evident that running on desktop had the least amount of bounce rates.

The Results

Engagement Code

By implementing Bidtellect’s Engagement Code, we were able to continuously optimize and decrease bounce rates.

Value Driven Content

The Bidtellect creative team, [b]+studio found value driven content and crafted campaigns to increase visibility and engagement, therefore increasing the time on site.


Bidtellect is currently exceeding the client’s historical benchmarks and has taken on incremental opportunities.

We love working with Bidtellect and our client is very happy with performance.

Agency Rep