Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Taps Into Industry Leading Native Solutions Provider, Bidtellect, to Successfully Engage with Target Audience

The Opportunity

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids was in the market for partners to scale their messaging about the risks of teen marijuana use through a new online Marijuana Talk Kit. They turned to generous media/ad tech partners like Bidtellect to provide pro bono media. Bidtellect committed to not only run campaigns but also drive successful user engagement.

The Solution

Bidtellect provided the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids a generous amount of Native Advertising via In-Feed and Recommendation Widgets. The campaign outperformed many of their Display partners on all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet), across mulMple premium content websites. The campaign was primarily targeted to parents with children under 18 years of age. Throughout the campaign, Bidtellect provided daily campaign performance updates to continuously optimize and drive the highest user engagement.

The Results

Engagement Score

Bidtellect’s Proprietary Engagement Score tracks and optimizes against unique visits, bounce rate, time on site, and pages visited.


Optimizing beyond a click ensured that Bidtellect met the Partnership for Drug Free-Kids’ KPI’s to increase user engagement.


2M Impressions
8.4 Engagement Score (average)

We are thankful to partner with Bidtellect in helping to create and serve impactful native advertising ad units that successfully engaged our target audience of parents.

This campaign was one of our top sources of traffic during the flight period and helped drive significant new traffic to our Marijuana Talk Kit . Additionally, we were thrilled to have access to extensive measurement metrics beyond a CTR resulting in a successful campaign.

Hilary Baris

Digital Media and Marketing Director, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids