How Bidtellect Helped a Leading Fast Food Restaurant Exceed Target CTR by 3X

Native Campaign Objectives

Increase brand awareness and consideration of new products and promotional offerings,

Change the perception of their brand

Increase purchase intent of products. Their primary goal of the campaign was to achieve a 0.20% CTR.

The Challenge

The main challenge with this campaign was maintaining a low CPC in conjunction with Recommendation Widget (RW) only targeting. In general, volume from RW is lower than other formats, so working toward their CTR goal while also running at $0.90 CPC presented a significant hurdle.

The Solution

Bidtellect’s account team formed a strategy that would overcome this challenge, and deliver results for the client. The team began targeting Run On Network (RON) given historically low CPCs, in conjunction with the RW only targeting. In addition, Bidtellect manually funneled traffic to quality sites that were performing, while at the same time strategically blocking sites that were unacceptable for the brand.

Results: 3X CTR Goal

Bidtellect exceeded the client’s CTR goal nearly 3X – garnering a 0.57% CTR through the first two phases of the campaign. The campaign has driven extremely positive brand awareness and customer engagement and has gone on to receive incremental funding.