How Bidtellect’s Native Advertising Solution Provided the Highest CTR Across all Campaigns for a Major Tech Company

The Overview

This particular tech powerhouse has worked with several native partners in 2015.  Bidtellect’s ability to scale and optimize across all campaigns, proved to be one of the brand’s most trusted native partner with a 100% renewal rate and stewardship of the multitude of campaigns and content.  The client has also taken advantage of Bidtellect’s superior customer service marked by our extensive, highly responsive feedback and proactive optimization methods.

The Challenge

The challenge was to scale an integrated Native Advertising program for the client.  Previously, the client was employing single point solutions in the digital ad space, whereby creating scale was proving to be a difficult challenge.  The client also did not have accurate reporting to compare metrics across all ad units and device types.

Solutions & Tactics


Bidtellect’s nDSP (Native Demand Side Platform), made it possible for the client to not only serve ads across all three device types (mobile, desktop and tablet,) but also allowed them to scale across three native ad types (In-Ad, In-Feed, and Recommendation Widgets). The client received access to all the optimizing and reporting benefits of the nDSP and successful custom content was created on their behalf to use in their advertising. In order for the client to achieve the highest CTR as possible, the Bidtellect creative team provided images and headlines that they felt would resonate with users and increase engagement.


Among a range of tactics applied to help the client reach its goals was the use of effective channel targeting to best reach its audience. In order to reach the required core audience of IT professionals, Bidtellect targeted specific channels such as Tech and Business. As a result of these efforts, the client has given Bidtellect additional content to effectively distribute to this audience.

Actionable Insights

Another solution was to provide the client with round the clock metrics in order to help them compare all of their different native partners. Bidtellect provided reporting to the client on a continuous basis that enabled them make the best decisions possible when it came to optimizing their advertising decisions.


As a result of continuous optimization, Bidtellect was able to deliver a CTR of 3.52% on their most successful creative. (Clicks 185,564).  Total impressions served:  267,361,995.  The client has narrowed down its roster of Native partners as Bidtellect remains to be a key partner in 2016.