How Bidtellect’s Platform Drove Quality Traffic To The WIND Mobile Site, While Surpassing Their KPI Goal

The Objective: 

WIND mobile came to Bidtellect with the goal of driving qualified traffic to a new promotional landing page.

Solutions & Tactics

Creative Refresh

WIND Mobile’s previous campaign ran an image of a mobile device with the telecommunications company branding, delivering very lower CTRs with an average of 0.23%. Bidtellect recommended that the client rotate creative that reflected Native Best Practices: images such as people (children) and/or animals hit an emotional chord with the consumer.

Native Best Practices

Due to time constrictions, the client was unable to rotate creatives in time for the new campaign. However, the client was able to remove the branding from the image which lead to an increase in CTR (0.34%).


Bidtellect’s insights into why the best practice work led them to use the suggested imagery on the next flight. This past flight had the highest CTRs (average of 0.59%) since WIND Mobile began working us. Bidtellect took historical learnings from previous campaigns (site and placement blocks, which is the most granular level as far as specific locations within a site). Bidtellect continued to build upon those learnings, while also optimizing towards the best performing products and devices.

Because of Bidtellect’s continuous algorithmic optimizations, consultative support and proactive recommendations, we were able to anticipate where the campaign performance was heading.

By advising the WIND Mobile on Native Best Practices and applying campaign learnings, the brand was able to enhance its overall digital marketing strategies.

CTR Goal

“Bidtellect is now our preferred Native Partner as they have outperformed competition in a head to head test with other Native partners”.

Bidtellect CTR Performance